Henna and dye mixer, BrowXenna®

Henna and dye mixer, BrowXenna®

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Henna and dye mixer, BrowXenna®

Many factors affect the brightness of the coloring result. One of them is high-quality dye mixing. How to stir the dye?

The BrowXenna® mixer is the most convenient and modern option. This is a compact tool that is useful for lash & brow artists, as well as for microblading and tattooing specialists.

With a professional mixer, you can quickly and easily mix henna, dye, or pigment. When mixing several shades, the brow artist can get the right consistency mass in seconds.

For instance, it takes 40-50 seconds for mixing henna with a brush, and 10-15 seconds with a mixer.

If the dry dye is used, the mixer breaks up the grains, allowing the composition to be homogeneous.

The mixer operates on two AA batteries (not included in the package).

It has five interchangeable nozzles, which are made of a material resistant to chemicals. The professional mixer starts by simply pressing a finger on the lever located on the back of the instrument.

The mixer is lightweight, quiet in operation, fits comfortably in your hand.


  • 5 x reusable Mixer Sticks
  • Branded mixer (1 PC.),
  • Branded box (1 PC.),

  • Material: plastic and stainless steel
  • Stick material: plastic
  • Color: black
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Method of application

  1. Fix the nozzle.
  2. Push the lever located on the rear surface of the tool.

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